A quick guide to mass registration of the Vkontakte service of February 2020.

The manual has been prepared for general guidance and assistance to new users using avtoreg Vkontakte.

Prepared by our user for which since 2018 on the website sms-activate.ru more than 70,000 successful activations.

The manual was only syntactically edited without changing semantics and presented in a simplified form.

Successful registration of VKontakte depends on three points:

  1. User-agent
  2. Proxy
  3. Software

And now more about each.


It serves as a kind of fingerprint of the device, like a fingerprint in a person. 80% of the success of registration depends on the quality user agent. Administration blocks them more often than Proxy.

It is recommended to register on mobile user-agent. In practice, they performed better, especially with mobile proxies..

Where to get user-agent?

Experienced users take them from personal trackers, including our author. Below is a unique, fresh (02.2020) list of such user agents. All data has a personal owner, that is, everyone has a live account. User-agent, which is enough for 3 months, provided by the author.

IMPORTANT! Never use an old user agent. Since if it is not already in use, then you will immediately be banned.


a service that serves as an intermediary between the user and the visited site.

The most suitable for successful registration of the VKontakte service are two types of Proxy:

Mobile Proxy - uses the IP addresses of mobile cellular service providers. Which are not subject to sanctions by Vkontakte, as they are used by millions of users.

BAN of one mobile address can lead to blocking hundreds of thousands of users.

On mobile proxies, the address is changed via reconnect (every 2-10 minutes). In other words, every 2 minutes you have a new IP address and this does not make it possible to track you.

Stores for buying mobile proxies (which, according to the author, are suitable precisely for the registration of the VKontakte service; sometimes they are also used for spam) :

Resident (packet) are IP addresses associated with a physical location. They are much more expensive than mobile ones, but they will allow you to forget about BANs and various "nit-picking" (precisely according to Proxy) from Vkontakte. They are easy to register, work, spam and other actions..

These are simple ipv4s with rotation (change) of IP addresses on average 20% every two hours (example packet proxies from the site https://rsocks.net/ru)

Reason for choosing this site by the author.

Firstly, the quality of the services provided (rare problems with Proxy itself)

Secondly, test results for 2 hours.

Other types of Proxy can get into the eternal BAN lists of Vkontakte.

IMPORTANT! The geography of the Proxy network address must match the geography of the country of the number. For example, if you register numbers of Russia, then use the Russian Proxy


A huge role is played by the software used. Our author tested many different autoregs, but highlighted the best one (this will not be a secret for anyone) VKAccountsManager

The choice is connected both with the price ($ 20 for such software is extremely small), and with various useful settings. Also, tech support software has very fast feedback.

Only now you can get to work.

- Open software;

- We put user-agent and proxy (prescribed in the settings);

- We create the "registration" task, prescribe the necessary names;

- Create the look of your page.



The main reason for BAN during registration: 1) User-agent 2) Proxy and 3) Software

Another reason for the eternal BAN during registration, which few people know about, is the masked BAN numbers . Most often, newcomers come across him. The reason for this may be different. BAN can be in the first 6 digits, it happens in 7 digits.

IMPORTANT! It is impossible to completely reduce the BAN by mask to zero. It can only be reduced to a minimum.

An example of such a BAN by number mask





Mask 79015279 fell under the BAN and all numbers with this mask will go to eternal BAN for suspicious activity. When contacting Vkontakte technical support, a response will be received that you have registered for a virtual number and this is prohibited.

Do such numbers come out of the Vkontakte blacklist?

Not. Only through the provision of a physical contract.

This is due to the fact that suppliers and providers buy numbers with the same prefix and, often, they only spin on the sites of SMS activation of online services.

How to avoid this?

To do this, register one mask of 5-10 numbers every 2 days. If you know that the mask is in the BAN, then you should not use them at all. That will help to avoid massive BANs during registration.

On sms-activate.ru numbers from 300+ suppliers from all over the world are used. And even if you come across the same mask, you need to successfully register only 6% of all numbers, so as not to get into the ban on sms-activate.ru

If, after all, the mask falls into the BAN list, then 5-10 pages are lost, instead of 200-300.

How to do it?

Such a function is in the software, which has fine tuning.