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The most popular questions:

Re-receive the message after the completion of the activation (the end of 20 minutes) is impossible for technical reasons. In other words, it is impossible to reuse the virtual number for receiving SMS.

Accepting several sms for virtual numbers during a 20-minute activation session is possible for the following countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Ukraine, Romania, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, England, Cameroon, Congo, Myanmar.

If the message with the confirmation code is not received, the money will be returned to your balance automatically after the end of the activation session (within 15-20 minutes)

All your activations are in your personal account in the section History Select the period for which you want to see your activations and below will appear the entire list of activations for the period you specified.

We ask you to send screenshots of the login screens of to [email protected], confirming the situation (attempts to enter indicating the number purchased from us) in order to analyze the current situation.

The search of numbers is strictly prohibited on our site, the system automatically blocks your account for 30 minutes, if the percentage of successful activations is less than 6%, set up your software so that the% of successful activations is more than 6% and the system will not block you.

Register service Qiwi (Webmoney) on our site is impossible. We set a lock on the issuance of messages from this service. This was done intentionally because of the internal policy of our site and because of security, as there are too many fraudulent transactions on this service.

If you did not find a suitable service in the general list, then try the service 'Any Other' of the country that represents this service. Countries where the service 'Any Other' is presented can be seen in complete list of prices (abbreviation 'ot' at the end of the list)

To begin, we recommend looking for the cause on your side. Try changing the web browser, increase the activation code wait time to 20 minutes, use the numbers of different operators, sometimes it helps our users.

Schedule of support operators from 09:00 to 19:00 on weekdays. The average response time to a request is about 1 hour.

On weekends a free schedule