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What is rent?

During the selected period, you will always have the opportunity to receive an unlimited number of SMS from the selected service.

You can always restore access to your registered account!

If during the first 20 minutes you have not received an SMS with a code, you can refuse the number, the money will be returned to your account in full.

If you have not received an SMS and more than 20 minutes have passed, it will be impossible to cancel the rental.

The sold phone for rent will not be resold for the corresponding service upon the expiration of the rental period.

The minimum rental period is 4 hours, the maximum is 8 weeks (MTT Operator).

There are two options for renting a phone:

  1. Full rental - in this case, you can receive absolutely all SMS
  2. Rent a number for a specific service. In this case, you will receive SMS only from the service you have chosen.

Lease extension:

Available only for MTT numbers.

You can renew it yourself at any time on the website.

The maximum period is 8 weeks from the date of purchase.

Renewal of a completed lease + 100 ₽ to the cost.

Renewal of MTT operator numbers lease is made in the "history" or "lease" tab

The rented number is located in the "Rent" tab, in the mobile version of the site, under the "Operations" tab. Set up filters for correct display of numbers. After the end of the rental period, the number will be displayed in the "History" tab