Call forwarding Pro

To purchase, you must have more than 150 rubles on your balance.

In the operator selection field, you must select the operator " MTT ". This service is not available for all other operators.

In order for voice call forwarding to work, you must have at least 50 rubles on your balance on the site.

Why should there be more than 50 ₽ on the balance to use the service?

You receive a call, talked for N seconds. After the end of the conversation, within a couple of minutes, 2.5xN / 60 rubles will be debited from your balance on our website. If your balance on the site drops below 50 rubles, you need to replenish it in order to use the minutes again.

How much does a minute of conversation cost?

2,5 ₽ until all over Russia. Fee charged by the second, starting from the first second of the conversation and does not depend on the region and the operator.

What are the other benefits of Call Forwarding Pro?

With "Forward Pro" no more need to top up the balance. You talk, and the money for the agreed minutes is debited from your balance on our website.

In chapter «History», "Forward Pro" tab the following functionality is available:

You can call forwarding to numbers zadarma, marketCall or other SIP phones!

Can I redirect to Ukraine / Kazakhstan / Belarus numbers?

No, forwarding can be set only to the numbers of the Russian Federation

Can I choose a prefix by region?

No. This is not possible yet. You may get a number with a prefix any region of the Russian Federation.

How long will the number live under "Forward Pro"?

Smooth1 month with the option to extend it.

I did not understand anything at all, what are you doing here ... I need help

No problem, write in support, we'll show and tell everything to feedback, we will show and tell everything.