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Forward calls Avito, Youla to virtual numbers

Service Avito + forwarding is designed to enable you to place ads with different phone numbers, and all customers are gaining a dedicated virtual number you reach someone on your core.

This helps to avoid banning your account on Avito and allows you to place more ads without fear of being banned, which means it will be longer in the top.

How does this work?

We give you a virtual number to which you register an account on the Avito website. After successful activation, you will be prompted to enter your real phone number to which we will perform unconditional forwarding of all calls.

Consider the process of manual registration account Avito

Going to, Click 'Register'

After that we see the form shown in the figure below

Here we need to enter the registration data and phone number

In order to get a phone number we open our site in a new tab.

Select the Avito + call forwarding service and press the button 'Get a number'

After pressing the button 'Get a number' we received our virtual phone number, we have 15 minutes to receive a text message from it

Go to the tab with Avito and enter the necessary registration data. We indicate as the phone the number that we have just been issued by the site and press button Register

After that, you must click 'Get code' and go to the tab with the site

Here we will see the code that we need to enter on avito to confirm registration.

Go back to the tab with avito and enter the resulting code in the field to enter the code

On this registration for Avito completed, but we still need to perform a redirect from this number to yours, where you will receive calls

To do this, enter in the field for entering the number your main telephone number where you want to receive calls and press the green button.

What numbers do you have?

Currently we only have MTS numbers

How much does call forwarding from MTS numbers cost?

Forwarding from Mts to Russian numbers costs 12p-15p per minute.

If I have a sim card in the Tambov / Leningrad / Murmansk / Tverskoy / (Any other) region, how much will a minute of redirecting to it cost?

If you buy an MTS number, then a minute of conversation with a customer will cost you 12p-15p, the price of the active number will be 45p.

Is there money on the virtual number?

On MTS numbers on the account 0p and at the same time you have time equal to 1 received call. You can take exactly one call and after that there will be a minus on the bill. You will need to replenish the number to continue to use it.

On the tele2 numbers there is 10 rubles in the account by default. This is enough to take 1 minute of an incoming call, after which the call will be terminated

You yourself can put as much money as you like, no one except you will use this money.

How long will the active forwarding?

Forwarding will be active until the virtual SIM card is re-released by the operator.

Usually this period varies from two weeks to 2-3 months.

To extend the life of a virtual sim card for 2-3 months, it is enough to perform any paid action. In your case, you can simply answer the call on a real number.

Can I redirect to zadarma, marketCall or other SIP phones?

Unfortunately, there is no forwarding to such numbers.

Can I redirect to Ukraine / Kazakhstan / Belarus numbers?

No, forwarding can be set only to the numbers of the Russian Federation

I did not understand anything at all, what are you doing here ... I need help

No problem, write in support, we'll show and tell everything