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How to register an Avito account without a phone number?

Everyone has a question, how to register for Avito without having a free phone number at hand?

The answer is simple - you can use the service!

You can buy a virtual number on our website by clicking on the Avito label on the left

Как зарегистрировать аккаунт Avito без номера телефона

After pressing the "buy" button, our service will provide you with a number for receiving SMS

Временный номер для авито

Enter this number in the registration menu and click “continue”

Next, go back to and click the green check mark

Смс активации авито

After a while, the necessary numbers will appear in the “SMS Code” tab

Принять смс от Авито

You enter them in the activation menu

Получить смс от Avito

After that, it remains only to come up with a username and password.

Виртуальный номер для Avito

Why do I need to register Avito using virtual numbers?

It often happens that there is no free phone number at hand, either yours is already registered to Avito, or you don’t want to call you or your loved ones.

In such cases, you can use SMS-activations service

We provide virtual numbers services for Avito since 2015

Working with us, you warn yourself and your loved ones against falling into the database of calls, you will not be bored and disturbed without any reason.