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The cost of a virtual number for Avito call forwarding, Yula call forwarding

A ready number with call forwarding and a refilled balance will cost 45 rubles. These 45 rub include the price per phone and the money spent on the balance (from 4p to 10p, which we spend, depending on the tariff plan on this sim card).

Why I can not, as before, myself determine how much money to put on the balance of a SIM card?

We have made the system much more convenient for you and for us.

Now we don’t need to notify everyone that we’re out of a tariff for which 4p is enough for work, and now everyone needs to put more

We ourselves determine how much you need to put on the account in order for the number to be available (depending on the SIM card tariff plan)

At the same time, you will definitely receive a work number with redirection, on which you don’t need to put extra money, regardless of the tariff plan of the sim card purchased from us.

Why can't I buy a redirected number without any balance at all?

Because if you buy a number without balance, we cannot guarantee that the redirection will be correctly established and all paid services will be disconnected.

And besides, why do you need a number without balance? Nobody can reach him anyway.