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How to register in Instagram without a phone number?

What to do if you need a new account on Instagram, and your number is no longer tied?

Take advantage of the service of virtual numbers! On the service there are always a lot of free numbers for instagram, you can choose a number from any of 50+ countries and register a new account in the most popular social network in the CIS.

The virtual one-time number service will be useful for all online business owners who want to promote their products and distribute their services through Instagram.

Как зарегистрировать аккаунт instagram без номера телефона

To register a new account, you must enter the phone number, name, come up with a username and password.

To get a virtual phone number, you need to buy it on our website by selecting the Instagram tab

Виртуальный номер для Instagram

After the purchase, the service will provide you with a temporary number for 20 minutes. to which you can register a new account

Временный номер для Instagram

Enter the received number on the registration site and click register

Next, click the check mark.

Получить смс от Инстаграм

After a while, the numbers that are your confirmation code will appear in the “code from SMS” tab.

Смс активация Instagram

You enter them on the registration site in the input box.

Сделать новый аккаунт Instagram

At this registration is completed.

Now you have a full Instagram account. Agree to buying a virtual number is much easier than going to a cellular phone salon, spending 30-50 times more money and time.

It is in order to simplify your interaction with the services and phone numbers and invented We receive SMS 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the Instagram service. We always have new phones available, 50 different countries are available, low prices and responsive technical support