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This site is intended for anonymous registrations in social networks, instant messengers, bulletin boards and more. It is for those who do not want to shine their real phone number and for those who need a lot of registrations in various services that require confirmation by SMS

How to register?

In the upper right corner there is a Login / Registration button, click and register. For registration, you need a working mail, which will receive a confirmation letter.

I registered, what next?

Next, you need to replenish the balance. In the upper left corner after entering your personal account will be your balance. You need to click on it and select a suitable payment system for you. After the payment is complete, the amount will immediately go to your personal account

Balance replenished, what to do next?

You are practically at the goal, now you need to get a virtual number to which you will register your account. In the left menu, select the service you need and press the blue button "get a number"

Yes, I see, I got the number 79111111111, what to do next?

And now just imagine that this is your number, within 15 minutes you can receive a text message from the service you have chosen. For example, if you need to receive SMS from VKontakte, then the whole process is described in detail here in other services, it looks like

And where should SMS come?

SMS will come to us on the virtual number that you received, and we, in turn, will show it to you as soon as we receive it. You will see the code from the sms on the same screen where you saw the virtual number

Sms came, what to do with it?

Now copy the code from the SMS to the same site where you sent this SMS, this is the very confirmation code

Well, everything turned out, what's next?

If you want to receive another SMS from the same service to the same number, then press the blue button, each next SMS to this number from the same service within 15 minutes of activation - for free!

If you just want to finish the job, then click green.