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How to register in Odnoklassniki without a phone number? is one of the first social networks in Russia launched back in 2006. Initially, this service positioned itself as a resource designed to find classmates and classmates, but over time it grew and was able to unite tens of millions of people of different ages and social groups.

At the moment, the site allows you to find old or make new friends with whom you can chat in chat. Also, has an interesting system of rating photos from 1 to 5+ from which the user rating is formed. To register a new page on this site will require a phone number. This is done to confirm that a particular user is not a bot or a spammer.

And what if you are already registered on this site and using your personal phone number, but did you need another account, for example, to work? You can ask for a number from an unregistered friend on this service or go to the salon of the cellular operator, while spending time and money. And if there is no such friend and there is no desire to arrange a SIM card?

In this case, our site will help you temporary numbers for receiving SMS.

Before you begin to follow the instructions, make sure that you are registered on our website and replenish the balance by the amount sufficient to purchase the virtual number of the service you need.

To register a new account, you will immediately be asked to enter a phone number and country of residence.

Как зарегистрировать аккаунт в одноклассниках без номера телефона

To get a phone number, go to our website, select the required service and click the “buy” button. In our case, this is

Прием смс от Одноклассников

After “buying” our site will provide you with a virtual phone number for rent for 20 minutes, which you can link to your new page.

Виртуальный номер для одноклассников

Go back to the registration site and enter the temporary number given to you and then click the “next” button.

In order to verify, will send a special confirmation code to your phone number to make sure that it belongs to you. Our website will receive SMS confirmation code from which you can see by clicking on the check mark on our website.

Временный номер для одноклассники

After some time, in the column “code from SMS” there will be numbers that will be your confirmation code for your new account.

Одноразовый номер для одноклассники

Enter the resulting code on the page then click "next".

Смс активация одноклассники

Now it only remains to come up with a password and enter the last name, first name, etc.

This registration is completed and you can safely use your new page in