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Forwarding Tariffs

How much does a minute from numbers for call forwarding cost?

The price will depend on the operator whose number you purchased:

The fee is charged per minute , starting from the first second of the call and does not depend on the region and operator.

We recommend that you set up call forwarding to a separate number and call back your customers so as not to waste the balance of the number on call forwarding.
And also turn off the answering machine and voice mail on your number.

Is there money on the virtual number?

Yes there is. By default, we replenish the balance for an amount equal to 1 minute of the received call.

Call forwarding only works with a positive balance.

You yourself can replenish the balance as much as you like, no one except you will not use this money.

Can I redirect to Ukraine / Kazakhstan / Belarus numbers?

No, forwarding can be set only to the numbers of the Russian Federation

Can I redirect to zadarma, marketCall or other SIP phones?

No, forwarding to such numbers will not be established.

I did not understand anything at all, what are you doing here ... I need help

No problem, write in support, we'll show and tell everythingsupport, all show and tell.