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How to register in a telegram without a phone number?

We all love the terrific telegram messenger for its stability, functionality and of course for its creator Pavel Durov.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to create another account to interact with friends, in order to play a close friend, or for business negotiations

To create a new account in Telegram, you must enter a phone number, and you can get a virtual number for telegrams on the site

Как зарегистрировать аккаунт telegram без номера телефона

To get a phone number, click the “buy” button next to the service you need.

Виртуальный номер для телеграм

The site will provide you with a virtual phone number to which you can register a new account.

Активация telegram по смс

Enter the received number in the registration menu to continue.

A confirmation code will be sent to this number, which you will receive on our website after clicking on the check mark.

Одноразовый номер для telegram

After a while, numbers will appear in the “SMS Code” tab, which are your confirmation code.

Получить смс от telegram

Enter them in the activation menu that appears.

Как зарегистрирвать telegram

Now it remains only to enter the name and surname, on which the registration will be completed.

You can use the new account for any purpose inside the telegram. You can create a channel, group, chat with friends, etc. Account created using a virtual number is the same as using a real number

With the help of you can create an unlimited number of telegram accounts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year