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How to register in Tinder without a phone number?

There are many dating sites. From little to great. But Tinder stands out against their background: it has a large audience, a friendly and very user-friendly interface, as well as a huge functionality for finding the right people for you. You can draw a parallel that Tinder is a kind of Iphone among dating sites - everything is convenient, minimalist and concise.

To use Tinder, you need to login with Facebook or register using a phone number. But not everyone is ready to provide dating sites with their personal phone number. And such people come to the aid of our service.

Let's go directly to registering an account with Tinder.

Let's go directly to registering an account with Tinder....

Как зарегистрировать аккаунт tinder без номера телефона

You can buy a temporary virtual number from us for 20 minutes by going to the Tinder tab on the main page of our website.

Номер для tinder

After the purchase, we will provide you with a virtual number, with the help of which we will be able to carry out SMS activation of your future account.

Активация tinder

Enter the virtual number provided to you on the registration website and click “continue”.

Получить смс от Tinder

After clicking “continue”, Tinder will send an SMS message with an activation code. You can see it on our website by clicking on the check mark.

Виртуальный номер для Tinder

After some time, our site will receive SMS, and provide you with the numbers, which are the activation code of your new account.

Одноразовый номер для Tinder

Next, enter the code provided to you and click "continue" to complete the SMS activation.

Смс активация Тиндер

It remains only to enter your personal data, after which the registration is completed.