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How to register Vkontakte without a phone number?

To register a new account on Vkontakte, go to the main page of the site

Then enter your first and last name and click "Register"

Next you need to bind your phone number.

To activate a new account on Vkontakte, you need to specify a phone number

Where can I get this phone number?

In the left menu you can always find in the presence of enough phones, and at the lowest prices.

To activate the Vkontakte service ( you need to click on "Vkontakte" in the left menu

At the bottom click on the button to get the number.

You will be given a number to which you need to register an account with Vkontakte

Now we need to send a text message with a confirmation code to this number. It is very simple to do this: Enter our phone number on the VKontakte website and click "Get Code", as it is shown in the picture below

After pressing the button, VKontakte will send the code to this phone number, we will accept it and tell you.

Now this code should be inserted into the "Confirmation Code" on Vkontakte website and press the "Send Code" button

After that, the system prompts you to create a password. IMPORTANT! Remember it and it is thanks to him that you will enter the site.

As soon as you enter the password, you will have a ready Vkontakte account.

Registration completed