Welcome to the club privileges sms-activate.ru

We love and appreciate our regular wholesale customers and offer personal service to the largest of them.

If you spend from 1000 activations per week, then at your service special conditions and privileges

Cashback 5% for all activation on our site. Direct discount for the volume, the complete absence of restrictions on the size of the cashback, the more activations are held, the more the amount will be returned. Cashback freeze period is 30 days from the moment of each activation.
A telegram bot will always prompt your current balance or notify you that it will end soon, provide access to the VIP chat, and allow you to unban your account if you fall under the blocking filter
Let us know from which wallets you replenish and we will reserve them for you. You do not need to write an ID, just throw money and we will know that the payment came from you! Up to 10 wallets at the same time
Sometimes our locking system annoys our regular users. We really want this not to happen, so now you can unlock your account manually, either through the site or through a telegram bot.
You will receive a link to access to the VIP-chat, where most top activators sms-activate.ru communicate. This is the elite of the world of SMS activations. You can always ask your colleagues questions you are interested in, find a market, solve the most difficult unsolvable problems. No random people, the chat modeler keeps track of the top users list and throws out those who cease to be a VIP user in time. Also, the bot will never let in there random people or newcomers in the world of SMS activations.